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Peace of Mind

KnowOff reminds you to send project updates, and will alert a designated colleague if your updates remain unsent. You’ll never have to worry that you’ve forgotten your updates. You can also include a to-do list for your client, so you can rest assured that you’ve done your part to keep the project rolling.


Polished, Consistent Communication

KnowOff updates are emailed to your clients in a tidy, formatted list, removing the stress of crafting professional and personalized correspondence.


Always Accessible

KnowOff is a web-based application that requires no downloading or installation. Sign in wherever you are, on any Internet-connected device, and you’ll be sending your project updates in no time.



Send updates weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Or don’t send them at all and use KnowOff for internal updates. No matter what your approach to projects is, KnowOff works with you to establish productive communication.


No Commitment from Client

Your clients don’t have to sign up for KnowOff in order for you to communicate with them. As long as they have an email address, you can still send project updates using KnowOff.


Complete Projects Faster

Projects are often stalled because of communication breakdown. By encouraging communication and accountability between you and your clients, KnowOff keeps you on task so your projects can be completed faster.

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